Maps will not display on pages or events

I have added a map to a page as well as to a few events. The maps do not display. I have used the fix and repair tools and repaired google maps but the maps will still not display. How can I resolve this? I have given support access if needed.
The page with the map is and an event is

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Phil, hope you're doing well today. :slight_smile:

    After taking a look at your site & using the theme previewer to look at the page using the Twenty Fourteen theme, it looks like your theme's causing the map to not display. Whether I'm using the child or the parent theme, I'm not seeing the map.

    It sounds like there's some deeper code conflict, so to that end, I've called in my colleague @Hoang Ngo to this thread, so he can offer his insight on the matter.

    Could you send over FTP access details, along with a link to this thread, to contact(at) (with the subject line Attn: Hoang Ngo)?


  • Phil

    Thank you! the maps do display now however I am having issues setting them up correctly. I am trying to make them 200 X 200 and zoom in quite a bit. No matter what changes I make, the map always takes the entire width of the page and it always shows the entire earth forcing a user to zoom in all the way to see the actual location. I have been through the google maps settings and set it the way I think it should be, and made individual changes to the maps when I insert them into a post too. No changes seem to matter. How can I resolve this?