MarkerPress "More quality features than any other WordPress ecommerce plugin"?

Although I hate WP e-commerce with a passion and have now migrated across to MarketPress, is it really fair to say that MarketPress has, "More quality features than any other WordPress ecommerce plugin"? It might be true in respect of Multisite and BuddyPress but it does appear to lack some basic features and functionality, especially around shipping options and things like displaying sub-categories (unless there's a clever way that I haven't found). Don't get me wrong, I think it has a lot of potential and is certainly a lot more straightforward than WP e-commerce but I would have to say that they are ahead of MarketPress on features.

I know you provide an API to add your own functionality but that is not really an option for those of us that are not programmers.

  • DavidM
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    Hi stepben,

    First off, thanks for your feedback on this! I haven't run WP e-commerce extensively enough to be able to comment on the comparison, but I'll ask a few folks over here if they've got any thoughts on that.

    I do have to say that being a bit of a programmer myself, I find MarketPress' API to be an incredibly huge feature the paves way for excellent offerings like those in the following (which I believe you've seen).

    I'd like to add too, that expanded shipping functionality is in the works. Though the API does make it so that shipping functionality could rather easily be extended by others as well.


  • Ben
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    Cool, look forward to seeing the expanded shipping options and hope that "others" will maybe add some additional functionality as well?

    A request for shipping would to allow split rates in country as well as international, e.g., in New Zealand we have different rates to North and South Islands, city and rural, etc.


  • Mason
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    Hiya stepben,

    I suppose the statement is a bit subjective to which features you're looking for. Ours was the first to use custom post types, the first to handle multisite as well as buddypress. Chained payments are pretty incredible - I still don't know if there's another plugin that does this. And then there's the global checkout options as well. So, it's pretty feature-rich :slight_smile:

    Of course, shipping is an issue that many have chimed in on which is why it's the very next area we plan to tackle in this plugin. I think we have another thread here on the forums where folks are chiming in with their ideas/wishlists for what to include in the shipping component. Feel free to chime in there with your own thoughts as well.


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