Market Place Sidebars questions


I was wondering if you could lead me in the right direction please?

I have setup the Marketpress plugin, The pages that are automatically setup for this plugin do not allow me add in the sidebars?

Any Ideas how I can achieve this please?

Please see screen shot to see if you can help me out.

Thanks in advanced


  • Kimberly


    Thanks for using WPMU forums :slight_smile:

    The pages that are automatically setup for this plugin do not allow me add in the sidebars?

    Actually Marketpress works great with sidebars, the addition of them is mostly dependent upon the theme though :slight_smile:

    You can use a tool like the Widget Logic plugin, then utilizing the mp_is_shop_page() conditional function to detect whether a MarketPress store page is being shown.

    On a more technical level though, you can create template files for the MarketPress pages and add widget areas there, assuming you're comfortable with a fair degree of coding.

    You can check out the Themeing_Marketpress.txt file that is included in the plugin files

    Or, if all else seems an undesirable option, you can use our GridMarket theme, it's also located within the Marketpress files and you can install it as follows:

    Theme Installation and Use Instructions
    Installing a theme from WPMU DEV

    Download the theme file
    Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive
    Upload the folder to /wp-content/themes/ folder on your site

    Make sure your install path is correct for example: /wp-content/themes/framemarket not /wp-content/themes/themes/framemarket
    If you're using multi-site you'll need to visit Network Admin -> Themes and Activate it there.

    For the GridMarket Child Theme

    Inside wp-content/themes/framemarket you'll see another directory entitled themes with a gridmarket folder. Move this folder to the same wp-content/themes directory to match framemarket as shown below:
    BEFORE: wp-content/themes/framemarket/themes/gridmarket
    AFTER: wp-content/themes/gridmarket

    Let me know if you need anything else!



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  • Shanni


    Thanks for your comment, however it is very vague answer and very broad.

    I guess I am hoping for a more detailed answer then how to actually achieve this so I can have these sidebars on those pages. I have a friend who knows programming to look into this, even he said there are no real proper instructions. Even the text file that comes with the plugin, doesnt really explain a great deal. I am paying good money for this membership site, I would like to think I am going to recieve more detailed answer.

    To help futher this on, I am already using a theme called 'Breathe' from Themeforest, I am setting the site up on the lastest WP platform. So the Framemarket Theme is not something I can use as the Theme has already been decided on.

    If at all possible can some please be more clear on what I need to place in what files to achieve the result of showing the sidebars on those pages created by your plugin please. I would really appreciate a better explaination on this, like I said even the text file is very vague.

    Thank you kindly.


  • Kimberly


    Here is a standard fix:

    MarketPress uses the single post template for its pages so it would act pretty much the same way your single post template for your theme will.

    To get it to include a sidebar, you'd have to create an mp_product.php file in your theme folder, and copy over the contents from the template that has a sidebar and edit that to show single post content rather than an index.


    I am not familiar with your theme but after some google-ing I see that you might have the capability to assign sidebars to pages or post types?

    Some comments I found on the comments page from your theme:
    Well, by default, if you do not choose any sidebars it use “default sidebar”. But you still need to choose template for each page to set sidebar position.

    nomadicone says

    My sidebars are not working. I used the ones created with the content but they do not show up on my pages. I created my own as a test and it does not show up either.
    1 month ago
    themoholics themoholics replied

    Hi nomadicone,

    You need to choose page template, to make sidebar knew where to show up.

    I hope maybe these help point you in the right direction?
    Your theme is what is controlling the display of the sidebar, not marketpress.
    As we have not developed and do not support your theme then I cannot tell you how to fix this, especially with what I'm seeing suggested with the way your theme works by looking through the support pages.
    I hope this helps to clarify.

    For reference:

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