Market Press across Subdomains...

What we have and what we have and what we are trying to accomplish...
We have several subdomains with a dedicated functionality for each, all using WPMU Plugins -

Events+ - for events ; Coursepress for Courses, Directory ; Classifieds - We have Pro Sites (network enabled) and Membership Pro2 (Network Enabled) and Membership 2

We are trying to accomplish:
We want courses to be able to be sold individually when someone enrolls, events to be booked and charged for when they are sold, directory placement and classifieds to all be handled in One Shopping Cart and still be able to use stripe.

These are all our own products - on different subdomains (same network).

Currently - Courses and Events are asking us to configure shopping cart as its own separate install instead of creating in the main shop or adding the event or course to the main shop.

Please help?

I looked through forums and it appears this can be done - I just couldnt get clear on how.

If I set it as a Global cart then it limits me to Paypal and we use stripe.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Jonathan,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    You're right in both points: it can be done but it also limits you to use of PayPal. As you already found out the solution is to use the Global Cart which will provide customers with a central, global checkout. However MarketPress currently supports only PayPal in this case and it won't allow you to charge customers via Stripe.

    I agree that support for more gateways would be a great feature so I'm moving this thread to our "Features and Feedback" forum so more members of our community could express their support. If this idea gets many upvotes it's possible that our developer will implement it in future.

    In case you'd need it urgently you may want to post a question for custom development on our "Jobs & Pros" job board (please note: no WPMU DEV staff involved!) here:

    Kind regards,

  • Jonathan

    OK - so I already have a split payment plugin that I had created for different project that basically allowed the functionality of chained payments without all the craziness in between for Stripe..

    Very Simple - We put in our Stripe Account on our main account - as users created an account they put in their stripe account and when payments were received it the plugin took the predetermined % and gave to us and then the % and gave to them..

    Very simple - very clean. Stripe is even setup for this by default - it has the "Connect an Account" by default.

  • Jonathan

    Just to clarify - the only way to have courses and events use the same cart and stripe is to have them installed on the primary domain of the network?

    OR Set them up as free - and Limit them by membership level - have the user by the membership to that level as an addon membership.

    OR set up a separate cart for each subdomain and then manually add that to the users profile?

    Or add a product to the main store manually - like an add on membership level or course access - and then have the "Enroll button" be replaced with a link to the cart Unless they were already a member - like hide the enroll button behind a membership permission and direct the user to buy the "Addon" in the main cart ?

    Is it possible to do that last option?? Like have the enroll button protected with Mem2 and if they are a member they can can enroll if they are not then a popup "main store order form" popup so they could enroll?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Jonathan!

    You're right about first three ways. This is possible and all of them should work. As for the last one I must say I never tried that yet. It sounds reasonable though.

    There's a "[course_join_button]" shortcode available in CoursePress that can be used to display "Enroll" button anywhere on your site. It can be connected to selected course with a "course_id" attribute (see "CoursePress Pro -> Settings -> Shortcodes" page in your site's dashboard). MarketPress also allows using shortcodes to place "buy" button for any selected product anywhere on the site.

    These two could be then wrapped with Membership 2 Pro protection shortcodes so this could be a way worth exploring.

    Best regards,

  • Jonathan

    It is just painful to implement and wold require human intervention on every single course, event, classified, directory, advertisement program, membership to do it that way ... PLEASE PLEASE Get Stripe Connect Integration for Global...
    I have opened a support ticket and given access to a complete known working "addon" library of code and files from another project and Stripe gives the recipe to do so.

    As Stripe is the #1 provider of payments for businesses and PayPal Chained makes the user experience unworkable for anyone serious about having a cart with any volume at scale ... Please take a look at this.

    Pretty Please?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Jonathan!

    I really understand the need for Stripe and I'm with your on this but I'm not able to create an "on demand solution" for you. We do not offer custom development services and that's why I moved this thread to our "Features and Feedback" forum where other members of our community can "vote" for it.

    The usual "workflow" is that a certain feature is "upvoted" by community members (e.g. in further posts in this thread) and if it gains significant popularity our developers consider implementing it in future.

    If this is urgent, you may want to ask for a custom development and I'm sure some of the developers (please note: no WPMU DEV staff members there!) will make you a reasonable offer.

    If it's not urgent, we can wait and see how much support the feature request will get.

    Kind regards,

  • Jonathan

    It is urgent - I see this has been a request across MANY threads since 2013 - I have posted in Jobs.

    If I pay to have it created - where should I offer it as an addon for Marketpress?

    Its obvious there is a need and if WPMUDEV can't do it with as much demand as there is - then we will figure out how to pay for it if we can charge for it and recoup our cost.

    I have all of the code from having it done before and a working / tested integration across hundreds of sites using a different cart.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Jonathan!

    Let me put it this way: even though I fully understand the need for such a feature I'm not in a position to set development plans and confirm/plan new features. Any feature that's been already suggested across our forums but didn't got implemented yet is either: not supported enough by community members, not possible to implement (it happens sometimes despite what may it look like at first glance), not included in future plans yet (and this means that it hasn't been dismissed!) or is already included in future plans but just not implemented (and in this case we're not able to share any predictions on when would it happen).

    Of course you are free to offer "extensions/add-ons" to our plugins both for free and as premium products. You can do this via your own website or via any existing "marketplace", there's no any restrictions on this. This is as long as you offer an "add-on/extensions" and not a modified plugin itself. Also, we do not provide support for such add-ons :slight_smile:

    Furthermore, in case you had any questions during development (such as e.g. "this MarketPress filter seems to be doing this and this but it doesn't work for me" etc) don't hesitate to ask. Even though I can't provide you with a custom developed solution, I'll be more than happy to provide you with all assistance and knowledge that I already got or can get from developers.

    Best regards,

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