Market Press across Subdomains…

What we have and what we have and what we are trying to accomplish…

We have several subdomains with a dedicated functionality for each, all using WPMU Plugins –

Events+ – for events ; Coursepress for Courses, Directory ; Classifieds – We have Pro Sites (network enabled) and Membership Pro2 (Network Enabled) and Membership 2

We are trying to accomplish:

We want courses to be able to be sold individually when someone enrolls, events to be booked and charged for when they are sold, directory placement and classifieds to all be handled in One Shopping Cart and still be able to use stripe.

These are all our own products – on different subdomains (same network).

Currently – Courses and Events are asking us to configure shopping cart as its own separate install instead of creating in the main shop or adding the event or course to the main shop.

Please help?

I looked through forums and it appears this can be done – I just couldnt get clear on how.

If I set it as a Global cart then it limits me to Paypal and we use stripe.