Market Press, details please :)


Just been looking at Market Press, is this an actual e-commerce solution? Or a management tool for multiple e-commerce websites.

As your front end video constantly goes on about 'showing your customers all the products in one clean space, from all your sites within your network'

I am not looking for that. I just want a good e-commerce framework.

And if it is a e-commerce solution does it

1) have configurable products facility built in
2) Table shipping rates built in
3) VAT exemption for overseas purchases built in
4) Sage Pay/streamline - Built in
5) Abandoned Shopping cart - I don't expect this to be built in, but is there an extension.
6) Anniversary reminders to registered customers..I don't expect this to be built in but I cannot find an extension
7) Emailing marketing - extension for MailChimp?

Sorry for the multiple questions, but it is unlcear from your site what the framework actually offers and not offer, without extension.

Many thanks

  • Alaister

    I have used MarketPress on one of my own sites and I found that is was the best eCommerce solution I could find. It is an actual e-commerce solution and in my opinion the best e-commerce framework. I think it can do most of the things on your list but wouldn't know for sure. As a general consumer I give it 5/5. As for your list you will have to wait until a WPMU staff member replies.

    Hope I can be of some help, Alaister

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Rob,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your questions.

    1) Could you clarify on customizable products please? We do have variations, but not multiple attributes currently.

    2) Table shipping is built in :slight_smile:

    3) You can set the VAT and it will only charge it in the country (for example VAT would be UK).

    4) It doesn't include Sage Pay, this would require custom development currently.

    5) MarketPress doesn't currently offer abandon cart functionality, I'm afraid we don't have extensions, anything that we create is included the plugin, there is a member who runs who offers some extensions :slight_smile:

    6) It also doesn't currently offer this functionality, though added as a feature request :slight_smile:

    7) No email marketing extension currently, though if someone has to register to checkout, it uses standard WordPress users, so another plugin could work for this which automatically adds them to a mailchimp list :slight_smile:

    Thanks! :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards

  • Rob

    @Alaistar - Thanks for that


    Many thanks for the speedy response. And to clarify

    1) Configurable products - I would like to be able to have products with Options like Colour and size, I don't think I would need more than two options per product.

    but I would need each option to have a separate SKU and have inventory management at option level.

    2) Great

    3) I would need to be able to sell products including VAT to UK and EU citizens, but not to any other country.

    4) Ok, so custom development, could mean me developing to connect to Sage Page?

    Or would I have to come to you guys?

    5) So one could be developed for my site? either by me or perhaps someone else might have developed one before I get to complete :slight_smile:

    6) Anniversary - So what is the general timeframe for Featured Requests.

    7) Thanks, it may be that the mailchimp plugin would work. :slight_smile:

    Many thanks again, the main reason for asking all these, is that WooCommerce, appear or give the appearance of heading towards SASS...which not something I wish to be involved with.


  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Rob,

    Thanks for the additional information.

    1) Not currently possible out of the box, though should be coming in 3.0, currently you can have multiple variations, but not multiple attributes, so colour and size would be in one variation, so color: blue, size: large as one item.

    3) That will work correctly as you need :slight_smile:

    4) We don't take on custom development ourselves, though you could try posting a job on :slight_smile:

    5: Yep, you could try posting on the job board above or develop one :slight_smile:

    6: These vary depending on how many people want that feature and by the priority of the request :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps, here to help answer any more questions :slight_smile:


    Kind Regards

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