Market Press + Pro Sites + WHMCS

Just trying to figure out the best configuration: I want to sell wordpress sites with an initial setup fee and monthly subscription price. I want to control and subsequently upsell premium plugins and and support fees on top of the monthly hosting fee. I need to limit access to premium products based on remittance of payment for the plugin. would like to add the plugin fee to the monthly subscription price.

of course, this is the idea, but i don't know what is realistic or sensible. does it make sense to use just one of these or all three of them in combination. the only thing i really need to have automated is the payment process. It's ok if i have to do manual setup for blogs, templates, plugins, etc once payment is made if i have to.

just looking for ideas for a reasonable work flow without any customization. if it makes sense just to do pro sites i'm for that too. just looking for direction

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello @clyde,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I understand that those WordPress sites wouldn't be a "separate WP installs" but just sub-sites of your Multisite Network (in a similar fashion as on platform), is that right?

    I think the base of such setup would be WordPress Multisite + Pro Sites.

    Pro Sites is a plugin designed specifically for such setups and is capable (among other features) of:

    - charging an initial setup fee
    - charging recurring monthly subscription
    - allowing visitors to signup for basic free site (optional)
    - providing users with multiple levels of subscription
    - defining up premium themes and plugins that would be available only from certain levels up

    This also integrates great with our "New Blog Template" plugin that allows you to create "reference" sites, that would actually be "ready to use" sites (with pre-configured theme, plugins and even content if necessary) user could choose from upon signup. You can set various templates available for various Pro Sites levels.

    You will also be able to charge for premium e-mail support.

    A Domain Mapping plugin would also make a great addition to this setup, allowing premium users to add their own top-level domains to their site (this can be available e.g. for a single, selected level).

    All the setup for new blogs, themes etc would be fully automated, including initial and monthly subscription charge.

    As for selling additional plugins. I can think of two "out of the box" ways now. One would be our Pretty Plugins plugin. As described on its page:

    Any plugins that you have added to Pro Sites levels in the Premium Plugins module will display on all sites with a “Pro” ribbon in the corner of the plugin image (“!”).

    Hover your mouse pointer over any plugin you have set for Pro Sites levels in the Premium Plugins module and you will get a message saying “Upgrade to [level]”. If the site has not been upgraded to a Pro Site level, and the site admin clicks on any of those plugins, they will be redirected to your Pro Sites upgrade page.

    Another would be to create new Pro Sites levels each time you add a bunch of new plugins and then encourage site owners to upgrade to a new level.

    I hope that helps!

    Best regards,

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