Market Press Question: Custom Fields or Categories

Im having an issue in my category set-up logic

Let's say I sell new/used (including Vintage) Drums/Drum Parts wherein a user can search by new, used or by individual part. So let's say they choose to search by individual part on Cymbals. The search results page should then display a listing of Cymbals which should also be grouped by new/used? Right?

So, in setting up my categories, I'm coming up with this...

- Drum Sets
- Cymbals
- Toms

- Drum Sets
- Cymbals
- Toms

Duplication. Arrgh! Can I not achieve my objective WITHOUT all this duplication?

I been advised that (notwithstanding MP) I can achieve the same with out the duplication in two ways:

1. create a custom taxonomy for condition (new,used)
2. use a custom field for condition (new,used)

Either way I would only need to create each category once and filter by condition.

But I just discovered that MP does not display custom fields. ... arrgh!

I've read the post showing how to modify the functions.php and add the nec. functionality for custom fields, but not sure it applies here.

If I have to go that route, so be it. But I'm just curious how anyone/everyone is handling scenarios like "New" and "Used" products in the SAME category using MP.
Can I do it "natively" or do I need to jump to code.

Please advise...

  • Kimberly

    Hello sleeper!

    You can get your Custom Fields to display in your page by using the code generated in your page template files. There is a Themeing Marketpress.txt that is available in the marketpress includes/themes/ dir of the plugin files.

    If you are using CustomPress you can see in the Usage instructions how to apply the code. not specifically for marketpress, but it will be the same within your template.

    As for the other New/Used issue, is there any reason you cannot create the three main categories and then use tags for the condition? Marketpress offers some nice tag options, which may work in your favor :slight_smile:



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