Market Press Questions


I am using Marketpress for my first e-commerce website ( - ignore the header image it's a test image!). So far it seems fairly straight forward adding products, info into settings etc, but there are a couple of things I need some advice on...

How do I get thumbnails of my product images to show when you view the Product Category listings? (Thumbnails of the actual image you see on the individual product page).

How do I get lightbox to work on the individual product pages - I have ticked open with lightbox under the presentation settings, but it's not made a difference.

How do I get my nav bar NOT to have "products" "shopping cart" "order status" that Marketpress has automatically put into it? I would just like to have my chosen pages and products listed and put the shopping cart link/order status links somewhere else.

Thanks so much for your help (in advance :grinning: