Market Press: Reinstate product personalisation

Please reinstate the ability to request personalisation by product/product variation as per version 2.9.x.x.. This is used to obtain information for eg printing names on clothing, names of competitors where they are paying an entry fee, or membership numbers where they are renewing a membership. This was a 100% essential feature of v2.9 and is preventing upgrade to v3.0 on my sites.

  • Andrew

    Well long time no hear. I recall that I paid for upgrade to Pro version in order to obtain two features: Download of orders and Product Personalisation. Both features were removed with v3.0. I notice that Personalisation is still being offered as a Pro upgrade feature on your free version!

    I have now lost a customer as a result of these and other outstanding issues on MarketPress Pro and I can no longer justify being a subscriber to you. I now have to convert two other sites to an alternative eCommerce system. Great.

    Quite frankly I should be taking action for breach of contract while the statement on your free version about upgrade features is clearly not true and anyone upgrading to get this feature and not doing so could claim it as a fraudulent statement.

    I feel you have seriously let yourselves down with the management of this 'upgrade' and these problems have detracted from the other improvements that have been made. Ultimately though it is attention to detail and getting customer input to changes and an effective customer Beta testing phase that makes for success or failure.

    I will not be renewing my membership on 23rd Feb.

    For your information these are the Problems since version and remaining in
    1. Product Personalisation. Assign a customer entered text field to a product, a paid for option in version and also offered as a paid for option in v3.0.0.0. Not available!
    2. Product variations. The description of the second (or last) variation is displayed when the product is initially displayed until a variation is selected at which point no variation descriptions are displayed
    3. Widget Shopping Cart. When the General Configuration options for mini cart is un-checked the Widget Shopping Cart is also blank
    4. Checkout Screen No1. The Special Instructions field (mooted for product personalisation, etc on the General, Miscellaneous Configuration screen) only appears if the customer selects 'shipping address different to billing address' rendering it invisible to customers whose billing address is the same as their shipping address.
    5. Checkout Screen No2 and Order Status screen. Shipping address is displayed even though 'No Shipping' is specified on Shipping configuration screen. This is confusing for customers of products or services that do not require shipping.
    6. Shipping. Needs to be specified at the Product level, not the system level, for businesses that have a combination of physical and non-physical products.
    7. Payment Options. Whereas Manual payments has a method description that can be edited, Paypal Express does not. As many customers do not have Paypal accounts (and actively resist having them) they do not understand that this option needs to be selected if they wish to pay by credit or debit card as a Paypal 'Guest'. Instead the instruction for this has to be be placed in the Manual Payment option! The Paypal option needs a similar method customisation option OR the description to be modified to say "Paypal and Credit/Debit Cards". This issue also existed prior to V3.
    8. Order Status Screen. Apart from PDF Invoice it is not clear what the customer should do next, especially if they do not require a PDF Invoice. The Breadcrumbs are no longer displayed.
    9. Invoice. Does not itemise the Product Variation selected. Does not print the Special Instructions Field even where completed. Prints the Payment Method description instead of the Payment Method Instructions
    10. Orders Listing Screen. Every order has to be opened to see any details making this screen useless as an order overview or review screen.
    and 11.The Special Instructions Field is not shown making it necessary to search emails for the New Order Notification
    12. Order
    Packing Slip would more usefully be an address label or combined Packing Slip/address label It does not show Special Instruction Field for the warehouse/delivery driver to check that the (hand made) address slip contains the Special Instruction Information!
    13. Order Download in CSV format. This has been removed. This was a paid for option available up to version

  • Andrew

    I think you are missing the point Vinod. When someone pays money for a service or product a legal contract is formed whether they like it or not. The provision of that service becomes part of the terms and conditions and removal of that service, especially without notice, is a breach of contract. One of the missing features is still being offered as an upgrade to Pro. It is not there. That is called fraud. A criminal offence.

    I suggest you go read the Australian Sales of Goods Act 1954 (as amended by recent legislation) as you may find it useful in your private life too.

    When I find the time I will track down your Managing Director's email (I have seen it somewhere) and will give him a piece of my mind too. I have now removed MarketPress from two sites. The third will be gone by the end of the week.

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