Market Press - Store Owner Features

Well once again we are really blown away with the MarketPress component.. Also the FrameMarket / GridMarket theme's which we are now finishing up a beta period using.

A few feature requests from our test panel of stores.

Order Management Widget for the Dashboard

A quick overview of orders received and their status also a BOLD alert about new orders.
Possibly a fully fledged store widget for the front page. we may look into building something here utilizing the custom dashboard widget plugin as a base.

Shop Statistics

An online view detailing the turnover / revenue generated by sales. Tax to be paid. etc etc. Magento has a great stats section possibly worth a look if planning development of something like this.
Being able to pull down stats twice a month and stay up to scratch on vat submissions would be highly appreciated by the store owners.

Export Function - Along side statistics

An option to export to CSV or PDF the shops statistics from an individual user on the multisite network and as a network / global view for users on the network side.

Shipping Management

The shipping costs & sub costs is a great way of handling this the crew loves it!
One feature that has been requested is the ability to download a simple pdf of the shipping details (possibly template based) for store owners to print to sticker and place on their boxes. I forget which Ecom system it is that does this, but we used a system where you setup a basic HTML template which in turn generated a pdf that went straight to the printer and was then placed ont he box. Was a cool little addition.

Payment Gateway - Documentation

A basic overview about the data flow of Marketpress, its php data outputs and so on so that companies can plug it into new gateways easier.


Sorry for the barrage of feature requests, but they are all fresh in my mind after a workshopping session with our beta panel.

Keep up the great work!