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Hi, I need some advice on market press. we are selling 20 products and giving a percentage of the gross sales to charity. We want to allow our customers to choose from 4 charities which one gets the donation from their sale. I need to be able track these sales by charity category so we can make the donation based on that information at the end of the month. Any ideas?

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    Greetings @femmesport4

    Hope you're well :slight_smile:

    I believe you can achieve what you're looking for by using CustomPress together with MarketPress. Have a look at this thread that also deals with something similar.

    For the reporting you might be able to use something like this:

    ELI's Custom SQL Reports Admin

    Let me know if you need any assistance with the CustomPress Plugin. It might seem like a very complicated plugin, but in actual fact it is very easy and I think you will find it very useful, even for other posts and pages.

    All the best!


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    Hey there! :slight_smile:

    Just checking in to see how things are going with this one and if you need any further help. :slight_smile:

    You could achieve that with CustomPress sure.

    Are you using product variations here? If not then you could use those to predefine charities and that would be easier to set up for you. Just a thought.

    We haven't heard from you on this thread for a while so I'm going to presume your all fixed up now and don't need any further assistance.

    However if you have more questions or need some more help then please feel free to respond in this thread or create a new one and we will be more than happy to offer assistance. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

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