Marketing Press & Creating A Master eCommerce

I need to setup a fairly complicated eCommerce system that will:

• Allow each client an ability to manage their own products/inventory
• Have a master site that will pull products from each store and categorize them.

So for example, let's say "site a" is selling toy cars and "site b" is selling stuffed animals. They are both on the network. Then I need a "main site" to pull the inventory from both "site a" and "site b" and be able to categorize those products based upon universal categories.

Will this system allow that or do I need to look at something like Magento?

Also how do payments work? Does each subsite setup their own payment gateway and then we receive commission sent to our account OR do we setup a master account and have to send them their money?

My preference would be to sell eCommerce space to each client. They load their own products and setup their own payment gateway. Then we receive a commission for each sale based on percentage.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello @maxwebgear,

    I hope you're well today and thanks for your question!

    To build a system like this, the Multisite WordPress install is a requirement. Basically, you setup WP Multisite giving users ability to create their own sites in your network. Then you install and network-activate our MarketPress eCommerce plugin.

    As users will be allowed to create their own stores, you will also be able to either setup a global checkout or keep separate checkouts. In order to grab a commission for all the sales you'll want to setup a PayPal Chained Payments gateway - that's the way the percentage is taken: directly at the PayPal's level by splitting the payments between the store owner and you.

    As for pulling out products from the network: you can do it by using the "[mp_list_global_products]" shortcode which is fairly customizable with attributes and/or by using built-in widgets that come with network activated MarketPress.

    If you have any further questions on this, I'll be glad to help!


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