Marketplace page(s) doesn't display any products

I've got a problem with my automatically generated marketplace page, which I think is related to the fact that I've been using the /marketplace/ slug for a pre-MarketPress marketplace page (say that ten times fast).

I'm evolving to marketpress, my old marketplace was located at This was a page I created and embedded an external marketplace into. Since I've installed MarketPress, it has tried to commander that location and I've been having all kinds of trouble and don't know how to clean it up.

I've had to change the slug to my old marketplace (which we are still using until my sellers get their products put into the new MP-based one) to /market/ but the MP-generated marketplace page (the one linked about) doesn't display any products.

Now, I've created a workaround for this on a separate page (, but the trouble comes when clicking the Global Categories list because it defaults back to using the /marketplace/ slug which doesn't display any products.

The main issue, is why aren't any products displaying on the auto-generated marketplace page? The page isn't available in the WP Page list (I'm assuming it is generated on the fly by MP plugin). Other folks ( have this working correctly, I'm guessing it is because I was using the /marketplace/ slug for something previously.

Thoughts on how to fix this?