MarketPress 2.0 Beta!

Ok guys, I know a lot of you have been waiting a long time for this:
- Global carts/checkout - PayPal Express only compatible gateway currently
- Downloadable Products
- Limit download count per purchase
- Product variations, along with stock tracking for each.
- Per order product limits
- Skipping payment form page if only one gateway allowed
- Hide cart widget on cart pages
- Add cart widget to sidebar on first install
- Option to force login to checkout
- Moneybookers gateway
- Many many bugfixes

This is an early beta! It has only been tested for a few days with our internal team, so there is still potential for some PHP errors or certain features not functioning. There have been a huge amount of code changes so it needs to go through the wringer. That being said i'm "fairly" sure it won't mess up your existing stores. Best to backup first though.

For those adventurous who will help me test here are some things that need testing most:
- Product variations
- Stock tracking (w or without variations)
- Product sale prices
- Downloads
- adding to carts with stock warnings
- Carts on multiple blogs
- Every payment gateway possible (paypal express and moneybookers are completely rewritten/new)
- For the daring, global cart enabled.

Along with the general functionality and even keep an eye out for css issues we might address.

Please post any issues to this thread and i'll fix them up. Thanks, and enjoy!