MarketPress 2.2 Beta - New Features!

Hey all, attached is the latest major release of MarketPress, implementing a good list of the most requested features. There was a lot of core changes and gateway changes so wanted to give it a few days in beta in case I missed any major bugs. Have fun, try to test each feature and especially checkouts with the various gateways.

New features:
- Added Cubepoints gateway - Requires the CubePoints plugin:
- Added eWay Shared Payments gateway
- Add Tax inclusive pricing option
- Add tracking number field to shipping section of Order management
- Add notes field to Order management page
- Add special instructions field option for orders that require personalization
- Skip shipping checkout page for digital only orders

Bug fixes:
- Fix dropdown product category widget
- Fix bug in tax calculation for some countries
- Fix bug in order payment status change to paid

UPDATE: Now released.