MarketPress 2.5 Beta. Cool new stuff!

Hey guys, I’ve been hard at work on the next exciting version of MarketPress, and here is your chance to test it out! Here’s the list of features:

– Add a full CSV product importer!

– Add orders exporting as CSV

– Add weight based shipping module

– Add support for calculated shipping modules

– USPS calculated shipping module!

– Add Log entry for cubpoints gateway checkouts

– Add “Only show on store pages” option to all widgets

– Add setting to disable excerpts in product lists

– Add custom API url support to gateway for compatibility with many 3rd party gateways

– Add beta PayPal Payflow Pro gateway

– Add beta iDEAL gateway (ING bank only)

– Fix translation issues for gateway and shipping plugin names

– Fix bug with category dropdown widget

– Fix custom menu current item highlighting in WP 3.3

– Fix tax calculation bug with Google Checkout gateway for orders with no tax

– Fix lightbox z-index on Twenty Eleven theme

– Make shipping fields behavior consistent with global cart enabled

– Fix currency rounding problem for large prices with decimals off

– Remove add to cart button when in product listing mode and no custom link set

– Allow $0 sale prices

We need you guys to test the new features, especially the weight based and USPS shipping.

I’ve also thrown in two very beta new PayPal Payflow Pro and iDEAL gateways provided by members here. If you want to see them in the new release then please do test and give feedback. Special thanks to Sue (give her some points!) and Remi for those.

UPDATE: Officially released!