I am having several problems making the switch over from wp e commerce to marketpress.At this point my store is not functional. If I don't get this figured out quick I am going to have to switch back.

I cannot navigate to individual product pages. Even when I click on the "view product" on the edit page it navigates to my home page. It was working properly as first and then broke when I attempted to add a sidebar leaf with Headway theme.

I need to have several images for each product and variables for each product. I am selling t shirts that come in several sizes and colors.

I don't see how I can enter more than one variable for each product? The variable don't seem to accommodate this as they did in wp e commerce. I was able to enter more than one type of variable for each product and then on the individual product page the customer had a drop down to select color and another one for size.

Also I would like to have thumbnails images for color selections.

Thanks for your help


  • Mason

    Hiya femmesport4,

    I believe I've responded to your question about multiple images on your other thread.

    The redirect on your pages is odd. I haven't seen that happen before. Let's first makes sure that you're using the latest version of Headway's theme. Then also go to Settings>Permalinks and re-save the page there.

    I'm also gonna ask a couple other folks to take a look here and see if we can't get ya sorted on this one.

    Let us know once you've tried the steps above and if it has any impact.


  • femmesport4

    Hi MasonJames,

    I got the problem solved with the pages. It was a Headway thing. I changed the page template and it was Ok again.

    Got your reply about the gallery. I can do that.

    I am pretty bummed out about the variables thing. I came up with entering a separate product for each color and then being able to offer sizes. Really a drag not to be able to have more than one variable for a product. Let me know if there is another solution. This might be a deal breaker for me.

    Now my big problem is the checkout isn't working. I put stuff in the cart but when I click on the cart or checkout I get a blank page.

    Thank you for your help!

  • Mason


    It's possible the changes haven't propagated or that something is cached at my router, but I'm still seeing the page template issue when I get to your shopping cart page. Can you verify that the page template is correct for all MarketPress pages.

    As for product variables, we have a ways to go yet for this one. We just released MarketPress in August (I think) of last year and though we've come a long way in the past several months, we don't have all the features that some of the older plugins offer.

    Hopefully though, we're making up for it with better coding and better support :slight_smile: We're working on enhancements to MarketPress all the time and have noted yours and others comments about more product variable options.

    Understand if it's a dealbreaker for ya though. You have to use the right tool for you right now. Just know that we're on it! :slight_smile:

    I'll see if I can get something else to show up, but right now I'm just seeing the default page template when I get to your shopping cart page.


  • femmesport4


    The problem I am having with the cart now I was having before with the individual product pages. Maybe it's a Headway problem? I am going to play around with the templates and see if that helps.

    How can I get a nice presentation on my shop page? I just want a grid of photos, now that I have to set up a separate item for each color I really only want to display one photo from each design/cat. Perhaps they could click that photo and go to a page with all the photos of that design in each color then click the photo of the color they want to get to the individual product page and then buy it, yea!

    Your customer service is AWESOME! I posted a question on the WP e commerce forum 3 months ago and 3 more since then. Haven't heard a word.

    I will work around the variable thing for now if it's on the list for the near future. I have been trying to get the other one to look good for 3 months and I am pretty over it. I am new at this and self taught but I don't think it should be that difficult.

    Thank you!

  • Mason


    How can I get a nice presentation on my shop page? I just want a grid of photos, now that I have to set up a separate item for each color I really only want to display one photo from each design/cat.

    Well, how attached are you to the current theme? If you're interested we have a pretty awesome theme here with a grid layout:

    It's the first child theme we have built specifically for marketpress. We have another coming that we hope to launch as a beta in the next week or so. They're pretty amazing and done by our fantastic design team here.

    Not trying to pull you away from Headway though. We love those guys as well :slight_smile:

    Check your page templates for each marketpress page (you can create the pages if they weren't created for you). Also the framemarket and gridmarket themes have some pretty great functions if you're looking for ideas to pull into your own theme, so they may be worth a look.

    We also have a demo of the network in action here: (like the name? ;D)

    I spent a long time working with the wp-ecommerce plugin myself and nearly lost all my hair trying to write some good, re-usable code. We hope to avoid that with our plugin by having a solid foundation to build from. Any feedback from folks like yourself is listened to and considered.

    Thanks again.

  • femmesport4


    Oh boy, I have already spent a lot of time customizing this theme. This is the second one for me. I just couldn't get the first one to do exactly what I wanted and that is why I tried out Headway. I was really tossed up between Headway and Thesis because I wanted something I could just make however I wanted without a lot code work.

    I am starting to realize there is not easy way to get exactly what you want without code. I am going to have to learn more CSS and HTML or I am going to be crazy with this stuff.

    Maybe I can just put in a photo gallery with hyperlinks to the category page for each one?

    I used the gallery plugin you guys have Select "MarketPress Product Grid Shortcode" but it's showing up as a list???

    Meanwhile I think I have the cart working properly. It's just a matter of setting up all my products and trying to get a pleasing look going. Any comment or suggestions on how to make the presentation better are welcome.

    Thanks for all your help!!!

  • Mason

    Hiya femmesport4,

    I do understand about not wanting to switch themes at this point - especially when you've got things so close the way you want them now. Learning html/css would be a great help and is actually fairly easy to pick up on. Once you've got a few basics down it's a bit like having the lights turn on to the way your content is displayed. You can make all kinds of fine-tuning adjustments for your site.

    For instance, I have no clue how to modify the leaf opacity in Headway themes (having not spent much time with Headway yet myself). However, I can easily do so by adding a bit of custom CSS like so:
    div.headway-leaf { background-color: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.75)!important; }

    As long as you put the line above somewhere in your css (maybe Headway as a spot for Custom CSS in their theme options) you'll get a slight opacity. Change the last value of .75 to less or more depending on how strong you want it the opacity.

    Anyway, the site's looking way better today :slight_smile:

    I used the gallery plugin you guys have Select "MarketPress Product Grid Shortcode" but it's showing up as a list???

    Can I get a link to this exact page? I'd be happy to take a look at this as well.

    One tool to help ya get started is firebug - works with FireFox and Chrome and is a 'must have'. I use it daily. Here's a video tutorial one of our designers made on how to use it:


  • gttblog


    No, nothing custom just added posts and plugins (mostly yours).

    Nothing was new though. I have to be honest, though, I haven't checked that page for a while and don't remember when I did last, so I can't tell you exactly when it started doing it.

    Those particular pages are the ones created by the MarketPress plugin automatically, as far as I recall.

    I do have another store plugin up right now, Premise. Might that conflict? I have disabled it in the past in testing for incompatibilities and it's never been a problem with any other plugins but who knows. The reason I leave it up is that it provides my landing page and the links for previous buyers from our site.

    I have a lot of issues with the theme which is one of your themes also. I've updated it to the new version and ran into a lot of site problems. My Web Host advised me to change themes but I like that particular look so put it back to the previous version of the same theme. Could the theme be causing any problems?

    I'd appreciate any advice you can give me, at this point!

    Thank you, again.

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