MarketPress 3 Breaks Templates, Product Images & Cart in Sidebar

Just upgraded to Marketpress 3, and there are some nice features, but I'm sorely vexed (LOL) by some of the stuff that has broken my previous site.

First of all, I need to be able to create a custom product page. I had done so previously using the instructions in Themeing Marketpress and the template-functions.php file. HOWEVER, my old mp_product.php no longer works since upgrading, and the new template-functions is wickedly out of sync with the previous instructions. Specifically, I need to prevent the template from excerpting my copy in the excerpt section, and I need to include the product image (see below). How can I revise the template you are using for individual products?

Next, I'm having problems with product images. My previously created products all had images uploaded (I think I remember them being featured images, but I can't swear). Now when I try to edit the image of an existing post using the new Product Images button on the Products page it won't link to any image. So the products that were in the product list that looked good now don't have an image. I am also unable to use any image on a new product.

Finally, I really liked having the shopping cart show up in the sidebar. I'm not convinced all of my customers will see the floating shopping cart button in Marketpress 3. Is there a shortcode or any other way to add the cart back to the sidebar?

Thanks for your help getting these problems resolved.