I am having several problems making the switch over from wp e commerce to marketpress.At this point my store is not functional. If I don’t get this figured out quick I am going to have to switch back.

I cannot navigate to individual product pages. Even when I click on the “view product” on the edit page it navigates to my home page. It was working properly as first and then broke when I attempted to add a sidebar leaf with Headway theme.

I need to have several images for each product and variables for each product. I am selling t shirts that come in several sizes and colors.

I don’t see how I can enter more than one variable for each product? The variable don’t seem to accommodate this as they did in wp e commerce. I was able to enter more than one type of variable for each product and then on the individual product page the customer had a drop down to select color and another one for size.

Also I would like to have thumbnails images for color selections.

Thanks for your help