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I am upgrading to the new 3.0 version of marketpress, have the newest version installed, and fighting with reconfiguring - it's not a fun experience at all. My biggest problem right off is...the new cart is collecting shipping information on a free digital product. in 2.0, it would just need an e-mail address. I can't figure out what I have set wrong, as far as I can tell I have set up the site in the multisite setup correctly. I can check out providing name address and everything, but I want people to be able to just provide an email like they used to. What am I doing wrong?

  • AIPman1

    I have been thinking about this further...and need to do some further looking at it, but...when you have this set up with paypal and in network with chained payments, etc "etsy style" - he cart should NOT ever need to collect shipping information, because Paypal should provide it when the order is confirmed through paypal...that is the whole PURPOSE of using paypal, to not have to ask your customers to fill out all sorts of info about themselves. I don't currently have any physical products in the system, and am still performing the individual database upgrade for each and every site on the network (which is WAY ANNOYING BTW) - but making this cart as customer-friendly as possible is my highest priority, and should be your too.

    I have also noticed shortcodes that were set up in 2.0 are currently displaying horribly, not respecting parameters set in the shortcodes, and displaying ALL product info up to and including related product links. Are there new shortcode guidelines somewhere to follow???

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @AIPman1,

    In regards to MarketPress collecting shipping details, and how that ties in to PayPal, while I get the feeling that there's a reason it works the way it does now (from a technical perspective), it's definitely something I can bring up to the developer, as there's definitely stores online where I've noticed that PayPal is offered much earlier in the process (before details are collected).

    As for the shortcode side of things, we'd be glad to tackle that matter, if you could elaborate on that particular situation in a new thread:

    That'd be great! :slight_smile:

    (particularly if you could mention an example or two of shortcodes going wacky, having Support Access enabled to the site in question, and a link to a page or two where we can check it out, that'd really help us to see if we can reproduce the situation)

    Kind Regards,

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