Marketpress 3.0 - Products In Global Marketplace Page Not Linking To Correct Product URLS

Hey, I've network-activated Marketpress 3.0 on my multisite install. I see all network products in the Global Marketplace - both products I've added pre-3.0-upgrade and post-3.0-upgrade. The product I just added post-3.0 upgrade links to an incorrect URL from the Global Marketplace Page and thus throws a 404. The pre-3.0-upgrade products link to the correct product URLs, but each are formatted differently.

I've deleted cache, reset permalinks, and nothing seems to work. Any ideas?


Global Marketplace -
Post-3.0-upgrade Real Product URL -
Post-3.0-upgrade Product URL Linked From Globl Mktplc - (throws 404)
Pre-3.0-upgrade Real Product URL -