MarketPress is up and running just fine. It correctly estimates my taxes when adding something to my shopping cart. However, when the user actually goes to pay the correct price + tax is shown ---but--- when I receive the acutal payment from there's no tax included? So something is up where the final amount that gets shown to the user is not the amount getting sent to any help is appreciated and thank you! love the product(s)!

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    Thank you for the prompt reply.

    API/Transaction Key/Etc all seem to be correct because the payments are being charged out and settling successfully - the only problem is that Marketpress is sending the wrong amount to Again, it's sending the pre-tax amount (sub total field) instead of the final total. I've worked with some payment forms before but it's been years - I'm pretty sure that there must be a small error somewhere in that the wrong field is being submitted to as the total payment. (it's sending the sub total instead of the final total)

    (also, there are no tax settings in that I'm aware off, the interface is pretty bare, they pretty much just scoop up what you send them and they process the payment based on the "total" you send them)

    Any ideas how to correct this would be appreciated.

    Back in the day it was something like this authnet_amount=Request.Form("amount") ....but I think marketpress has this function mapped to subtotal instead of the total and that’s why the payments are being sent without tax...

    Thank you,

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    Occam's Razor of course - turns out my test transaction was "in state"/"in the same state I was in" and therefore charged tax - but all the subsequent orders were out of state and no tax was charged - the site/plugin all worked correctly, however I forgot that there is no sales tax for out of state. That explains why tax wasn't charged for those transactions.

    On a side note after being live for just a few days we had to move our site to a different domain - how do i re-register my wpmu status on the new site? thank you

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    Ugh, I created a site called using wordpress, it worked out very well. I had an online store using a marketpress plugin and I installed my ssl certificate and also the https wordpress plugin … a few days later we received a call from the manufacturer that we were not allowed to use that domain. So, I had to move the site…

    Instead of moving the site I just did an “export” of all my products setting etc. from the site and then I installed all the plugins, certificate, etc. and then did an import, I had to make a few pages again etc. but it all looked like it was up and running …

    However, all three browsers, chrome, firefox, and internet explorer are treating my site differently, in chrome the store doesn’t even work, in internet explorer I’m getting certificate errors, and in firefox it seems work fine??!?! The new site is

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    sorry for all the's another update...

    I have tracked down the issue to https plugin. when i deactivate this plugin everything works perfectly in all three browsers (except the site isn't secure) ...when i activate it with basic settings sometime it works sometimes it doesnt. what is the best https solution for marketpress. thank you. also i am on a subdomain so i think that might be part of the issue

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    Hi there @Adam,

    I hope you are well today.

    Good job tracking down the problem! I would normally recommend the HTTPS WordPress plugin,
    I believe the issue here is, is that your SSL is most likely not for a sub domain but for a normal domain? You'll most likely need a wildcard SSL, what is your current SSL certificate?

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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