I have some difficulties uploading my digital product to MarketPress. After I upload my PDF file to Media, I cannot find the document in wp-content/uploads. Can you help me with that?
Thank you!

  • retensaadmin

    Timothy, I'm sorry but I can't find the file in either location. I have not multisited the pages, though it is a goal of mine in the future.
    But let me tell you what I have done so far and maybe you can see where I went wrong. I'm logged into WP and click on the "Product" tab off of the Dashboard, and from there I created a new product, filled out all the content, and then scroll down to the "Product Download" section to upload the digital product I intend to sell, a pdf. I click on "Upload File" and when the window pops up, I click on "Browse" and select my product from a file on my computer, click "Upload" and then fill in the caption and description before clicking "Insert Post." At that point the window has closed and I am back on my product editing page on WP, and now in the "Product Download" section is the URL for the digital product, the pdf, I am selling. At this point I click on the blue "Update" (or "Publish") button at the top, and to my understanding the product should be ready to purchase. So I go the website as a Buyer, purchase the product, and receive the email with the link, but when I click on the link I get this message:

    Warning: MarketPress was unable to download the file for serving as download: Not Found in /home/companyname/public_html/ on line 3340

    So, the first thing I did after that was go into my /wp-content/uploads/ but I can't find the digital product I uploaded anywhere in that area. Based on the warning message I received, the document should be in this folder, wp-content/uploads/2012/06, but there is no data whatsoever when I go to that folder. So I think my issue is that WordPress is not actually saving the file I upload into the my /wp-content/uploads area. Any ideas?

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