MarketPress add-ons


I have chosen MarketPress as my ecommerce solution.

I was just wondering if the following is possible?

1 – I want my users to be able to login quickly into my existing blog and add a product. However I do not want them to wade thru the dashboard to find the links to add a product. Is it possible to make a quick external page after they login that has image title, category, description, image upload, price and location? With the ability to add custom fields by the admin later?

2 – I currently run a site based off affiliate offers from ebay. see The niche site uses PHPBAY to return that niche product listings filtered by location and keywords. You can also tailor the output to sort by price, auction expiry, etc. I want to pass this info to the create new product in my MarketPress install automatically. I already have WP Robot and PHPBAY. Is there a quick way for wordpress to get this ebay API info, auto create a new product and delete it when it is SOLD or the auction is over? To clarify, i want my main MU install to aggregate products from ebay and then auto categorise it too. Then my sub niche blog retrieves it via the main MU category.

3 – I am happy with your Supporter plugin and will like to use that when my site gets some momentum behind that to offer my customers ecommerce solutions.

So I guess, 1 & 2 are the main points here. Any solutions?