Marketpress "Add to cart" button keeps opening an old cart session

I was transferring the site to the live server.

I began testing the site with the wordpress site url settings still in

While is was on that setting I started adding shopping cart items.

I noticed the site URL settings and switched it to which is what it should be.

After I did that, now it seems like I have 2 open shopping cart sessions.

I empty the cart and go back to the home page and as soon as I click "Add to cart" the shopping cart reverts back to having 7 items. (which is what I had before I changed the url)

Can anybody help in figuring out why it's doing this?

I have tried clearing cookies and cache but the old cart keeps re-appearing.

It only happens on "add to Cart" I switched to "Buy Now" and it was not doing it anymore. As soon as I switch back to "Ass to Cart" it comes back.

Can't get rid of the old cart session.

I tried session_destroy(); as well.

Thank you,