marketpress - adding fields to posts using custom fields template plugin

ok I nearly have marketpress set up to work with my site, all good s far.

I would like to bypass the wordpress image uploading method (both featured image and images in posts)

I have achieved this so far by adding the custom fields template plugin and adding a field to the product creation page which uploads 3 photos (screenshot added here)

The problem is the plugin doesnt work across the other sites in the network ...

So is there another, simpler, plugin you know about that I could use to do the same job? Or does anyone know why custom fields template doesnt show the template on networked sites?

I think wordpress allows me to add custom fields, but I would have no idea what code to put inside to upload the images. It just needs to function in the same way as the button which allows me to add an attachment to this post.

  • cstevenson
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    ps I am not asking for support for the custom template fields plugin as that isnt one of yours :slight_smile: but incase it helps, here is the error message I get when I add a product in a test network store. (Ive obscured my website address.)

    Warning: Cannot unset offset in a non-array variable in /websites/123reg/LinuxPackage21/pa/pe/rf/************** on line 2684

  • Philip John
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    First off, have you checked that the plugin is Multisite compatible? I suspect not and that's the reason why it won't work on your other sites.

    Secondly, have you considered simply using the gallery feature? I'm not sure sure why you need to bypass the standard uploader.... I.e. each image you upload to a post (or product) using the standard uploader is then added to the gallery for that product.

    You can then use the [gallery] shortcode to show the images...


  • cstevenson
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    hi thanks for the reply

    I want to upload the images, and have them added to the custom field so that they can be directly deleted or added to in the field. They arent added into the text yet. This is what I have achieved so far for my main site using the plugin. I then have a custom plugin to display the images in a special way in the product post. All this works perfectly in the main site and is really easy for an end user.

    So really, I want someone who isnt so familiar with wordpress to have a simple button to upload the images into the post, so they cant access the library or gallery. I want to keep the shopping site as clean and simple as possible for the end user so I dont get too many questions about how to do things :wink:

    The standard uploader is great for blogging but there are a lot of options, tabs, radio buttons etc which would confuse my mum and dad who have never used wordpress before, but might want a simple shop setup.

    I am wondering if there is a simple gallery plugin available that uploads images and then disiplays just the images from that post. I will google.

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