MarketPress - Additional Form Data in the checkout process AND comparison feature

I have a prospect for which I want to use MarketPress. There are two features they want that I am not sure MarketPress can handle.

1. Additional order input. My prospect sells prescription medical equipment and needs to collect the prescription from the buyer before they can ship. I want to add a step in the checkout process to ask for the prescription - preferably after the Payment Page and before the Confirmation Page. The page would require a form where the buyer could choose to upload a file or choose another way to send the prescription after the order is processed. Is there any way to do this? I thought about adding a Gravity Form to the Order Confirmation Page, but realized the buyer would have to press the GF submit button before proceeding with the order which would be too confusing.

2. Product Comparison. The idea here is that the buyer chooses two products and compares them in columnar format. Is this possible with MarketPress?

Thanks in advance for any help.