MarketPress admin-side product pages

I like how the MP 3.0 includes better methods for displaying product variations, but it can still be improved.

- You should be able to pick a variation that will be used for the featured image for the page. Right now, the image space is blank for the customer until a variation is selected.

- MP should remember variations used for other products and offer these as saved suggestions under the variation drop-down box. For example, I'm selling shirts. I shouldn't have to enter 'Small, Medium, Large...' on ten different pages. I should enter them on one page and be able to select that variation on a different product page.

- In the 'Product Variations' box on a product page, there needs to be more control about which columns you see. For example, I don't want to see the SKU, but don't have the option to remove it, though it could make room for other data more important to me.

- Also in the 'Product Variations' box more 'Bulk Actions' should be created. I'd like to see all of the information available under the 'More' tab available for bulk action. Right now, I need to access each variations' 'More' tab and input shipping info, inventory control, etc, when I want the same or similar inputs for each variation. You should be able to set these all with bulk actions and then fine-tune under the 'More' tab as necessary.

That's all for now. I'll be back, thanks.