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So im really confused how the Add Variation option doesn't allow the variation to be a downloadable file
see as how theres a ton of products that are now digital, like books.. which is something im trying to do here, but i cant because i want to sell a physical book and a digital copy..

is this ever going to be added on, id appreciate hearing what the future looks like for marketpress because ill have to find something else, but i dont want to cause i like wpmudev! :-p
Would also be nice to sell access to a page, i know this can be done with the Membership plugin but then that kind of messes up the structure of things...


  • Chris
    • The Bug Hunter

    Selling access to a page through MarketPress would also be a bit messy.

    In terms of adding downloads as a variation, at the moment your best option is to have the item twice, as a physical and an ebook product. Not ideal, but still workable.

  • DavidM
    • DEV MAN’s Mascot

    Hi mrmikeman,

    Yep, Membership would let you setup a membership level which has access to a page, whereas other membership levels wouldn't.

    That said, any +1s for MarketPress ability to have a physical copy and a digital version in a single product?

  • mrmikeman
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    yeah Chris, thats what i was thinking, theres so many people selling digital goods and a lot of it being something you could have physically, like mp3's and then a real cd. as well as books and then ebooks. i was just thinking though if this feature were to be added i think it would also make sense to allow the person to buy both at the same time, and if the admin wants maybe make it so if they buy the physical item that the digital item is free. . since phyiscal will cost more it could cover the price of digital..

    thanks, oh yeah i give a +20 so i guess we have 21 +'s :-p haha

  • katypurviance
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    Shopp has this capability. You can add as many variations as you want, and indicate if each variation is a Shipped product or Downloadable. If you select Downloadable, there's a button where you can upload the file. In addition, you can use a Variation to collect Donations. They also have a Virtual variation option. I'd like to think that this means you can sell access to (a) page(s), but support still hasn't gotten back to me (3+ days) on how they define Virtual.

    I'd love it if MarketPress could do this too.

  • katypurviance
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    Thank you Aaron! The ability to add variations of a product all on one screen is a huge timesaver.

    Shopp still hasn't gotten back to me about how they define Virtual. I would love it if MarketPress had Virtual as a variation option (In addition to Shipped and Downloadable options). I define Virtual to mean that I could select How Many Days after a person becomes a member to release a particular post. (In other words: the functionality of Digital Access Pass.)

    I was studying Nanacast yesterday and saw that they have the capability to link an order for a physical product to a fulfillment house (,, So, if you sell books, binders, CDs, DVDs, etc, you don't have to keep inventory or worry about shipping. Of course, they also give you the option to do your fulfillment manually.

    I think this is a really cool feature...but Nanacast has a serious limitation when it comes to interfacing with WordPress; namely, a person can only be a member of one of your memberships at a time. You could go with the standalone version of Nanacast to avoid this problem, but then you also lose out on the ability to integrate Buddy Press. Never mind Nanacast's $100-149/mo fee. It's a real dilemma.

    Perhaps we can add automatic fulfillment to the Future Features list? I don't know what anybody else's needs are, but for me, this feature isn't a must-have right now. However, I would like to have these options in the future.

  • pro120
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I was able to create this for my MarketPress install in only a few hours. It requires changing some of the if($meta[mp_file]) references in the MP core so it's not something I can share easily in a plugin or anything like that. +1 from me as well.

  • katypurviance
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Pro120 -- I'm looking for someone to mod Marketpress for me. I have a lot of modifications to make, and when I tried doing what I thought were the simpler mods, well, I broke the plugin and am still having database problems because of it. Oops.

    Are you available to do mods for me? I know this thread isn't the appropriate place to discuss jobs, but if you're interested, please contact me. I just made my email address visible on my profile.

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