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Now that MP has Affiliates functionality, can you all explain what it all means. More importantly, can you explain if there is a way for me to take advantage of it.

My primary setup for MP is on a multisite and I have several sellers selling products on their own sites. I use MP to create a global marketplace on the main site.

Can Affiliates now be used for by my sellers to manage an affiliate program,or is the link between the two plugins more global? Meaning: I'm the one who manages the Affiliates program and when someone buys from one of our sellers through an affiliate link the affiliate gets a portion of the sale.

If a description of what is possible with the two plugins please point me to it, I haven't been able to find it or understand how they are intended to work together.

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    Respect @Saunt Valerian! I am a big fan of your site! Just had to let you know :slight_smile:

    Now to get back to your question. I searched for some documentation on this as well and wasn't able to get any. Noted of course that this is a very recent addition to the Affiliate plugin, so we should be getting the Usage updated soon.

    I will ping the Developer @Barry to provide a little bit of a splurge as to how the two plugins can be effectively used. So we'll revert back to you at the earliest.

    Have a wonderful day ahead!


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    It all depends how you have things set up. The affiliates percentage is set in the Market Press Options - from the changelog:

    Added first-pass marketpress add-on - uses global affiliate rate set in Store Settings -> Payments

    If you have a global affiliate system, then it is up to the network admin to handle the affiliates program. If you have the affiliate system installed on a site-by-site basis then the affiliate system is managed by the individual site admins and they handle the payments out to their affiliates.

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    Greetings Saunt Valerian,

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