Marketpress and Amazon Affiliate Program

I want to use MarketPress to setup a store on my website using the Amazon affiliate program. I've played around with plugin quite a bit and can't seem to figure out how to display Amazon products correctly. Ideally, I want a store that has 7 or 8 categories with products listed within each category. My site is Any tips or online-guides that you can give me would be helpful.

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    Hello Kenneth,

    Welcome to WPMU DEV! We're glad you're here!

    I'll be glad to help in any way. To start off, are there any specific questions I might be able to help you with?

    I'm guessing you may already have set the option, but just in case, if you're not going to sell products but will directing traffic to Amazon as an affiliate, you'll want be sure to set the following option.

    Navigate to Products > Store Settings.

    At the page bottom, you should see the Miscellaneous Settings section. You'll want be sure to check off Yes for Product Listings Only.

    Looking forward to any further questions!


  • Kenneth
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    Thanks David. So, I'm curious about how to setup products from Amazon (individual and bulk).

    For example, if I want to sell a book from Amazon. I know how to create an affiliate link over to that book, but how do I add the book price (can this update automatically), description, and customer reviews to the page on my site.

    Also, do I have to setup each product individually or can I pull in all books related to my niche?

    Also, are there any example sites that are using Amazon's affiliate program that I could take a look at?

    Thanks for you time. I greatly appreciate your help.


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