MarketPress and Appointment+ Image and linking issue

Good Day we are testing MarketPress and Appointment plus and we have come across somethings that we are not sure if they are working the way they are suppose to or if we have configured something wrong.

1) When an appointment is added to the mini cart a number is being added to the item in the mini cart drop down.

2) when on the check out page we have the product image is not showing for the appointment product that is being checked out.

3) If you click on the appointment product link in the mini cart you are taken to a 404 page. Not the product description page.(we were using upfront fixer theme when testing this issue. We tested the other two issues on 2016 theme as well as fixer and got the same result). Plus the page it is looking for is a variation product

With MarketPress and Appointment+ active and the setting for Appointment+ and MarketPress set we can no longer check out on the regular appointments page. We can select a time and fill out the form but after that we can not go any further to the checkout process.

P.S. I realized I did not include an image. I went back and added it. It is "Cart with no image.png"