MarketPress and caching and WYSIWYG shortcode modal wrong Z-index

Hi Gurus,
1) I read in the marketpress readme that if caching is used, then certain cookies must be added to that caching plugin. In my case, I use Hummingbird + server based caching + cloudflare. How should I proceed with this cookie issue? Anything else that needs to be done when multiple layers of caching are being used?

2) The "Add Shortcode" button on the WYSIWYG editor when using the Divi theme is rendering the modal box at a z-index below the Divi editor. Is there a quick fix to increase the z-index of the shortcode modal?

3) is there a way to confirm that google analytics is setup correctly? I am using the new tracking code. Is there an explanation somewhere that outlines what data google analytics is accessing from MarketPress?