Marketpress and custom Payment Gateways

Still waiting on the ability to create custom Payment Gateways for Marketpress natively.

by adding an action to the native loading of gateways, we can quickly add new ones via action hooks.

require_once $this->plugin_dir( 'includes/common/payment-gateways/class-mp-gateway-api.php' );
		mp_include_dir( $this->plugin_dir( 'includes/common/payment-gateways' ) );
		/** new action here **/


that one action sets up plugin developers with the ability to quickly add new gateways that function exactly like core gateways.

in my plugin i simple do

add_action( 'marketpress/payment-gateways_loaded', function() {
	mp_register_gateway_plugin('MP_Gateway_Custom_Processor_Class', 'custom_processor_slug', __('Custom Processor Name', textdomain'));