Marketpress and E-Check

I have a client who is using Marketpress and is looking to add e-checks to the payment gateway. Is this something that Marketpress can support?

  • phillcoxon
    • The Crimson Coder

    My experience with e-checks via PayPal is that they are bad.

    Customers pay be e-check and expect instant access and can get very upset / angry when they are told that their membership access will not be enabled until their e-check clears (3-5 business days).

    I don’t know if the e-check system is similar but make sure that your client understands the issues with e-checks:

    1) Some customers will use e-checks to gain instant access to a site, suck all the content out and cancel the e-check before it clears.

    2) If the membership software does not enable full access until notification that an e-check has cleared customers can get upset / angry that they have “paid” (they haven’t, technically) but don’t get access until the e-check clears.

    For me, I specifically disabled e-checks in PayPal so customers can’t pay using that option.

    So I can’t specifically answer your original question but I hope this gives your client food for thought about whether to actually allow e-checks as an option.

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