Marketpress and Google Maps


Thanks a month back for implementing avatar map plotting for buddypress user profile on google maps.

Now, I am wondering if it is also possible for product featured image plotting for marketpress products.

If I can add a location for a marketpress product, will it appear on the map? And is it possible to have its featured image show too? My testing so far could not get any product to appear on a map...





    The plugin always had custom post type support built-in, but in the latest plugin version (v2.5, just released) we also have an add-on for featured images. I have given some thought to the integration scenario, and I believe that auto-creating maps from MarketPress products would be the easiest way to go. Unfortunately, products don't come with custom fields, so you'll want something like CustomPress plugin to create your address field for MarketPress product. These are the steps:

    a) Use something like CustomPress to add address fields to products
    b) Set up Custom fields support in Google Maps settings like this:
    - Use custom Post Meta fields support: Yes
    - Address field name: your CustomPress field name (e.g. ct_Location_text_c8f2)
    - Associate the new map to post: Yes
    c) Also in Google Maps settings, activate featured image add-on
    d) Create a post or page with a map tag similar to this: [map query="post_type=product" overlay="yes" featured_image="yes"]



    Excellent upgrade, can't wait to test this out!

    It appears that adding network="true" to the above results in a blank map output.

    Is this product + google maps feature able to pull products network wide?

    Thanks for the update, truly awesome,




    In regards to this line:

    a) Use something like CustomPress to add address fields to products

    I have marketpress enabled. However, custom press does not pick up this custom post type.

    I had classifieds enabled a long time ago. And, custom press is seeing that.

    Will adding a new content type on custom press break the existing 'product' custom post type that I know exists?





    A quick note about network, unfortunately this feature currently won't work over network, and neither will the post_type query.

    About CustomPress issue, that's rather odd, I managed to get the two to work on the first go. What CustomPress/MarketPress versions are you using?