MarketPress and Headway


I've been scouring the forums for days now and I have not had much success besides creating a cart via the HTML/PHP leaf - which does not work (clicking checkout takes your to the non-working standard Shopping Cart page - which does not generate in Headway.)

I as many other users chose MarketPress because it was stated to work 100% with Headway (this is what 100% compatibility tends to imply.) It does not. The only thing that works is products and product display. The rest of the funnel from adding to your cart does not exist - and the manual is not even up yet (April 1st it was "coming soon")

I have got a client site standing around with its pants down because this supposed 100% compatibility is not in existence.

Please can you help me with the full instructions for implementing the work around to get your product to work in this context (one your promise in numerous places that it does.)

Thanks in advance