marketpress and headway together

is there any way to use marketpress with headway theme installed?
It seems when I have headway activated, the product page and shopping cart page are not generated, and the cart functionality is broken.
Is there a setting in headway that I can change or code I can edit to fix this?
Anyone have experience working with both?
When i deactivate it, marketpress works fine.

  • DavidM

    Hello kalmarnet,

    Welcome to WPMU DEV! We're glad you're here!

    I see you're working with the MarketPress/Headway combination as much I currently am! Let's see how we can make these two play nicely together!

    Because of the way that Headway handles pages, it seems like the default MarketPress virtual pages (urls for cart, products, status, etc.) won't work so easily with it.

    Fortunately, Headway's HTML/PHP let's us work around that rather easily. We can just use the MarketPress template-functions.php file as a reference to create all the elements we need and even lay them out as we like.

    For example, we could create a page called 'Cart' and edit that page's layout within Headway's Visual Editor. We can add an HTML/PHP Leaf wherever we want it to be on the page, and in the code area, add the following.

    <?php mp_show_cart($context = '', $checkoutstep = null); ?>

    And actually, the products page is much simpler, since we could just create a 'Products' page and use the standard MarketPress product shortcodes to list them.

    I believe with this much, we have a very good start to make the two work together, though it would be nice the MarketPress default pages worked with Headway by default. I believe that's simply a matter of Headway not using a standard WordPress page template though.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions on the matter!


  • Chris du Toit

    I have tried the above without any success. The cart page simply displays the cart widget, not the full shopping cart that allows you to check out, enter coupon codes, etc.

    If anybody else has figured out a way to make Headway and Marketpress work together, please let me know. I am still going to try to figure this out, and if I make any progress I will document the steps required.

    Creating a products page with shortcodes is not a problem at all. The other problem is the individual product pages (single product) which I also can't find out how to display correctly in Headway.

  • DavidM

    A big thanks for that update, Aaron! I didn't notice the cart pages until very recently myself, but the update completely fixes that, along with the other pages!

    @cdutoitza the single product pages would be accessible in the Headway System Pages list as Post Type - Products - Single. You can style/layout the page however you like.

    What is seriously nice about Headway is that you can place the individual product elements anywhere you want on the page using HTML/PHP leafs, all within the Visual Editor. I've used the following combination of WordPress template tags and template-functions.php tags myself:

    <?php echo the_title(); ?>
    <?php echo mp_product_price() ?>
    <?php echo mp_product_image() ?>
    <?php mp_buy_button( $echo = true, $context = 'single') ?>

    I couldn't see a way to display only the product description sans some of the meta info, but perhaps that meta info could be removed from the following:
    <?php echo the_excerpt(); ?>

    In any case, until the next version, this is one wicked cool combination! :slight_smile:


  • greghelland

    Hi David,
    I am working on trying to make Headway and MP work together. Have resolved the products page item and now cannot get checkout, etc. to work al all. Tried the code above for the cart page by adding the leave and placing
    <?php mp_show_cart($context = '', $checkoutstep = null); ?>
    into the leaf. No go.

    I also notice that when I publish the page with the HTML/PHP leaf on it, it no longer show, thus making me believe it is deleted when I save/publish the page.

    How can I get this working? Any suggestions? is the site.

    If you need a login to admin, just tell me.


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