Marketpress and Membership

We have a client that Memberships is going to work beautifully for. However, they also want to sell products, but give higher discounts on products based on membership level.

Such as if a product is $100 for member level 1, 10% off for member level 2, and 20% off for member level 3. So as long as they are logged in, the discounts are automatically applied.

Also the ability to show only specific products to specific membership levels. I'm used to utilizing magento for ecomm, which has functionality like this built in, but no membership system, just the discount based on customer group. I'd much rather use marketpress and want to know if there is any current way to handle this...maybe by restricting certain categories via shortcode and serve up a seperate cart for members? I need your help brainstorming how to utilize the two together, since you obviously know more about it than me.