Marketpress and Membership plugin product category problem


I’m using the marketpress and membership plugin together on a site. Although I set up the membership plugin correctly (it behaves as it should on all site pages, post categories etc) the marketpress products are not accessible to members. I put all the marketpress pages on positive rules. Main store page is accessible as well as other pages like order history but the product pages are not. It looks like you need to show custom post type categories on the access levels page (as you use a custom post type for marketpress products). I haven’t tried it yet but if I add a new custom post type to my site the categories will probably not show on the access levels page either which is a shortcoming of the plugin. Because of this I need to add all the product page (custom post type post) url’s one by one to an url group to enable access to members. Goes true for any custom post types and posts belonging to that custom post type. Not very convenient. Or am I missing something here?

Waiting for your comments.