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We have a client that Memberships is going to work beautifully for. However, they also want to sell products, but give higher discounts on products based on membership level.

Such as if a product is $100 for member level 1, 10% off for member level 2, and 20% off for member level 3. So as long as they are logged in, the discounts are automatically applied.

Also the ability to show only specific products to specific membership levels. I’m used to utilizing magento for ecomm, which has functionality like this built in, but no membership system, just the discount based on customer group. I’d much rather use marketpress and want to know if there is any current way to handle this…maybe by restricting certain categories via shortcode and serve up a seperate cart for members? I need your help brainstorming how to utilize the two together, since you obviously know more about it than me.

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    Greetings forthgear,

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    The only way I can think of accomplishing this is either to have separate sub sites with Market Press on it with special pricing for only a specific level and only a specific level can reach that sub domain or shown the link to that sub domain user Membership


    Using shortcodes to display specific products to specific levels also using shortcodes to display what level can see the product.

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    Cheers, Joe

  • forthgear
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    I think the shortcode route may work, i’ll have to play around with the functionality. Basically i’d create certain pages based on membership restriction, and utilize shortcodes to pull those specific products. Just need to test it to make sure before i pitch the idea of using the two together.

  • aristath
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    Well… I haven’t dealt with the membership plugin, but I’ve done quite a bit of MarketPress “hacks”, so here’s my 2 cents:

    Why not create 3 different payment gateway files in MarketPress? (one for each level)

    Let’s say for example that your payment gateway of choice is Paypal.

    You can clone it, rename it to let’s say Paypal-silver, or Paypal-platinum.

    Inside this file, you can add a conditional that’s going to allow this payment gateway to be allowed only for Membership level X, and in the price calculation rules of it, you can apply the discounts.

  • aristath
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    You actually have 2 options!

    You can apply the discount in each product OR in the cart total amount, whatever suits your needs.

    It won’t be sku-aware.

    Another thought is to use coupon codes.

    And an afterthought… combine both methods.

    Create coupons, but keep them hidden. (shhh… don’t tell anyone).

    In your payment gateway file there are some lines of code calculating coupon discounts. Well… embed them in there and “force” specific payment gateways to use specific coupons.

    This way you’ll even have administration for those discounts, all you have to do is edit the coupon discounts!!!

  • aristath
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    An addition to my previous post:

    If you choose to use the hidden-coupons+custom-gateway solution you don’t have to use different payment gateways, all you have to do is create a custom payment gateway that’s going to apply different coupon codes depending on the membership level. :slight_smile:

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