MarketPress and Moodle Database integration


How difficult would it be to link courses sold in the marketpress market from different sites in a multisite environment to a single Moodle install?

Here is what I'd like to accomplish...
1. Teacher creates a course in Moodle
2. Teacher creates a product (the course) in MarketPress in their network site.
3. The products (courses) are listed on bothe the individual network site and the main site.
4. When a student purchases a product, whther from the main site or the network site, they are immediately enrolled in the Moodle course.

I can set up the Wordpress authentication plugin that lets users signed up on Wordpress be automatically logged into Moodle. However, how do I automatically link the courses to the products. I guess linking the course ID number in Moodle with the product SKU in Wordpress would be the way to go, but I have no idea how to automate this.
Any ideas or suggestions would be highly appreciated.