MarketPress and order fulfillment service API

Where in MarketPress do I add the API to display a Order Fulfillment Service's catalog?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mark,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    MarketPress plugin doesn't include API for adding 3rd party services so it would require custom development (possibly even changes to plugin code). Is that any specific service that you wish to add?

    If you could point me to their API description I would ask our developers for some tips to see whether this could be done based on current MP hooks or if it would require custom coding.

    Best regards,

  • Mark Wallace

    Basically i have my designs in their database, the API allows the customer to see the fulfillment centers catalog and choose what product they want the design printed on. It then send the order to them for production and shipping. Below are some details to help explain that. If you need more information just let me know what exactly it is you need! 8)
    Thank you and to the Dev for your time!!!

    Product API
    The Products API provides specifications and pictures of all products available for printing.
    List product categories
    List products (in a category)
    List product information
    List product availability
    List detailed item information
    The Product API powers our product catalog
    No authentication is required for this API.

    List Product Categories
    Get a list of available product categories. No arguments are needed for this request.


    Returns an array with all available category objects.

    Attribute Type Description
    categoryId string Unique identifier for the category
    type string Printing categorization. Garment, Case, Mug, or Poster
    name string Name of the category
    family string Additional categorization, for example Unisex
    url string API endpoint for category details

    List Products
    Specify a category id to receive category information and a list of products in that category.
    Returns a category object which now contains an array of product overview objects.

    Attribute Type Description
    id string Unique identifier for the product
    name string Product name
    style number Reference code associated with the product
    image object Image object
    url string API endpoint for product details

    Attribute Type Description
    label string Type of image
    url string URL to the image

    List Product Information
    Specify a product id to receive product information. This information could include the following:

    Style Code
    Color list
    Size Range
    Product Photos
    The productId, color name, (, and size (colors.#.sizes.#) are used when placing an order.




    Returns a product object.


    Attribute Type Description
    productId string Unique identifier for the product
    comments string Comments on the product (its fit and/or feel)
    description string Description of the product
    name string Actual name of the product
    type string Printing categorization. Garment, Case, Mug, or Poster
    properties object Product properties object
    colors array Array of available color objects
    additionalImages array Array of image objects
    image object Primary image object
    available boolean Whether the product is available to order
    url string API endpoint for product information (the current url)
    Fields only exist when applicable


    Attribute Type Description
    brand string Brand of the product
    material string Material the product is made from
    style string Style code associated with the product

    Attribute Type Description
    name string Name of the color
    hex string Hex color code of the color
    image array Array of image objects
    sizes array Array of available sizes

    The API is a comprehensive REST service for viewing the product catalog, making quotes, and completing orders for our printing and fulfillment services.

    Requests are made using standard GET, POST, and DELETE requests. All responses are JSON.

    Once you sign up for an account, you will be provided with an API key and a test API key. When using the test API key, no charges will be made against your account.

    This API uses HTTP basic auth for authentication. Your private API key should be used as the password. The username is optional and can be left empty.

    POST requests
    Request data is accepted as either standard multipart form data or JSON. The appropriate Content-Type header must be set: multipart/form-data or application/json.

    When a file upload is required, multipart encoding must be used because JSON does not support embedding files.

    Don’t forget to set the request Content-Type header, or your request body won’t be able to be parsed.
    CORS / JSONP access
    JSONP is not enabled for any API.

    Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) headers are enabled for all Product API routes. Other Scalable Press API endpoints require private API keys for use, and thus are not suitable for client side requests.

    Basically i have my designs in their database, the API allows the customer to see the fulfillment centers catalog and choose what product they want the design printed on. It then send the order to them for production and shipping.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for your replay and additional explanation.

    I must admit that I was hoping for a bit different scenario where MarketPress works in a standard way (with all the products and its data added/stored/managed locally) and i.e when user places an order an API endpoint is being called to submit product/order details to 3rd part platform (such as your fulfillment center).

    That case is however much more complex and I can say that MarketPress won't support that without quite a bit of serious custom coding. To be perfectly honest, I think that amount of development required here would be big enough to create just a fully custom solution that wouldn't even need to use MarketPress.

    Basically, what you need here is an "interface" (for both end-user - buyer and "manager" - that'd be you as a site admin) for that API so if they don't offer any "ready to use" solution for WP, coding a custom one would be the best solution.

    In case of MarketPress there would have to be not only "interface" to API created but also additional tools for importing/exporting/syncing data. To make it even more complex, I would say that if there's no "ready to use" integration offered that would probably be the same case with any other e-commerce plugin such as e.g. WooCommerce and similar.

    Kind regards,

  • Mark Wallace

    Actually WooCommerce and storenvy already integrate w/ my fulfillment service, but i like the MarketPress chain store feature. I was hoping to run a chain of vendor stores that integrated w/ my fulfillment service. "One always has one solution and another has another solution, but seldom does one have both solutions; "Life story of a non-coder" hahhaa

    Ill give the fulfillment service developers a call Monday and see if they can figure out a way to integrate w/ MarketPress.

    Thanks pal! 8)

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