MarketPress and Paypal PayFlow Pro

I am using the PayPal Payflow Pro option in MarketPress. Is it using the method with Transparent Redirect or not? (Payflow Pro can be used with our without this feature).

The reason I need to know is that a client is requesting we are PCI compliant beyond just using the PayPal gateway.

PayPal themselves partners with a security firm – – that can give you a “compliance seal” if you supply them with tons of info.

But, the first info they need is whether or not we’re using PayFlow Pro with or without “Transparent Redirect”. If using it, only a “SAQ A” compliance test is issued. Without it, we must meet “SAQ C” test, which is much more detailed.

This is from PayPay’s own site:


“With Payflow Pro, you can integrate using our Transparent Redirect feature to help reduce the burden of PCI compliance. With Transparent Redirect, all you need to do is fill out the SAQ-A form.”


So, back to the basic question – does the MarketPress PayFlow Pro integration use “Transparent Redirect” or not?

Thanks in advance!