MarketPress and ProSites Configuration

Confused a bit. I have installed MarketPress and Prosites and have created several levels in Prosites.

I want to create a page where people can click on a link to sign up for a free blog account. I then want an upgrade page where people can select and pay for the next level. i don't really want to get into custom code. i just want the basic design to work. it's kind of confusing because there aren't really any product links or anything like that to use as an element on a page.

anybody have a brief step by step on this.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Clyde,

    Hope you're doing well this weekend!

    MarketPress won't be required in any part of the process here you are wanting here. Although, it is a nice plugin for your clients to be able to use on their own sites or upgrade to get access too :slight_smile:

    Do you want the ability for your users to select pro levels at all during the initial sign up?

    If not, then you will want to turn off the "Signup on Checkout" option. As seen in my screenshot.

    Now your site will use the default Multisite signup via

    There won't be pricing tables or anything and they can just sign up for a free site.

    After they are signed up they will be able to upgrade on your Pro Sites checkout page which is by default.

    If you DO want the pricing tables to show up on your initial sign up then you will want to keep that Sign up on Checkout option on and also turn on the free sign up on checkout, I've attached a screenshot of this as well.

    Turning that option on will add a link to your initial sign up page where they can just continue with a free site.

    Let me know if you have further questions on this :slight_smile:


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