Marketpress and Upfront Builder

I'm trying to understand if Marketpress is compatible with Upfront. I've seen documentation on this site that it is but it doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm assuming I need developer credentials in order to make it work based on my issues below?

- I've taken the "Issue" theme and modified slightly in Upfront Builder
- After activating new "Issue" theme, I went to edit the site in the standard Upfront editor.
- I've added new pages based on default templates (new page > templates > Mpstore Page Template > apply > schedule). I did the same with a Mpcart and Mpcheckout templates.
- The results are pages that show "Please type your content here..." I'm assuming it's supposed to display the checkout , cart, etc elements by default. Or do I need to add widgets here like I did in the "Store" page (which incidentally is not displaying the products nicely in columns but rather as a list.

Is it still a prerequisite to have developer experience before attempting to work with Marketpress(or woocommerce) in Upfront?

Thank you.