Marketpress and WPML problem with manage orders

Please urgent help needed! On your Marketpress page it says:

“Full WPML Support Want a multilingual e-commerce solution? Look no further! You’ll want to purchase the WPML Plugin.”

Obviously this is not the case so please help us out with this one. We’ve tried everything. The problem is described below. Also, please don’t send us to their support forum cause we don’t have time to wait for days for someone to answer. Client is waiting and we are crying. Seriously, we are.

1) I have a problem with Marketpress Manage Orders status navigation not showing after activating WPML. Before there was Closed, Shipped, Recived tabs in admin area and they disappeared.

2) Another problem is Vote it up plugin with cubepoints on other language. It is working fine but pop up which is usually hidden and triggered only if user is not logged in is showing on all pages. Also the widget is not styled.

WordPress 3.3.1

Marketpress 2.4.2

WPML CMS 2.4.3

WPLM Marketpress 1.1.1

Vote it up with cubepoints 1.2.2