Marketpress + Appointments Integration

My original post and the response I received is below.

I changed the theme to twenty ten and still had the same issue. The buy now button and not add to cart and when I click buy now it refreshes back to the same page.

I am having problems with this integration. i have followed the instructions above and allowed the appts plugin to create my product page and it looks like the screenshot ( It says $0 at the bottom, the buy now button is visible (and i have add to cart button choice ticked). So before a service is chosen the wrong button is displayed. I choose a service and appointment time, confirm it and then click buy now and i get back to refreshed page and my appointments are pending.

the lazy eco

From Timothy Browers:
Hey there.

Looking at your site, there seems to be an issue with displaying the cart in your theme. You also have the Buy button output twice.

So not to confuse matters with the current thread, I think it would be best to open a new one of your own.

This issue related to the AddThis plugin, are you using that plugin?

You'll also need to confirm the issue in one of the default themes (this just lets us know if it's a plugin issue, or a theme issue, or sometimes a bit of both). Does it still exist?