MARKETPRESS - assign affiliate/user/member to a product on a WP single install

Basically what I want is to give predefined percentage of every sale to an affiliate, user or member for specific product. So every time that specific product sells, that affiliate, user or member will get the same amount of money. I know that MarketPress has this as in-built function for child sites where you could set percentage which you will collect from every store that is operating in your network. This is similar and the only difference is to split payments between admin and site members and not Network Admin and subSite Admins, as described above. Can it be done? If so, could provide full info on how to achieve this. If not, could you please propose solution that is somehow close to this idea?

Thanks in advance!

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    Hey there robobear!

    You are referring to Marketpress Chained payments. Unfortunately this is set up to be used on Mulitsite only. However you could still take advantage of this by setting up Multisite and using the Global Store display. There currently is no way to Add to Cart with a Global Store, but your users will have a Buy Now button and be sent to a product page same as they would without the Global Store in use.

    An excerpt from O-commerce about this ability:
    A "chained payment" is the Paypal term to describe a process where a buyer makes a purchase from a single seller who then disperses payment to one or more sellers. This is a classic middle man scenario, where one vendor is offering products from a number of sources. Chained payments allow the middle man to present a single face to the buyer, and then distribute payments to the providers of the products the buyer is buying. In order to use Paypal's chained payment feature all of the sellers must be set up as Paypal business accounts. In a chained payment, one and only one seller must be identified as the primary receiver in the flow. In the middle man scenario described above, the operator of the site that aggregates the multiple sellers would be the primary receiver.

    This indicates that it can be done, but it is beyond the scope of what you will find as help here on the forums. Please check out the O-commerce link, I think you'll find it informative. I verbally demonstrates how to use chained payments via ecommerce

    If you would like to see this through to creation then I would strongly suggest that you create a job request in our Job Fourm.

    Wish there was more I could do!



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